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Drones are the Future.

Drone Autonomy and AI are the key for unlocking their potential.

Our Solution

A light small solution, based on both Mono & Stereo vision and compatible with most commercial drones, for robust, reliable and autonomous Navigation, Flight Guidance, and Detect & Avoid capabilities.

Drones Are The Future

The commercial use of drones brings many benefits to society, from logistics, mapping, surveillance to inspection, remote sensing and communications. Its broad adoption is contingent on getting access to shared airspace and the provisioning of autonomous safe operations anytime and anywhere.

Idan Shimon

Founder & CEO

Innovator & entrepreneur with 20 years in business leadership in the domains of drones & HLS.

Amnon Demri


Engineer & entrepreneur specializing in robotics, sensors & visual based systems. Led R&D teams and award-winning projects

Or Epstein

SVP BizDev

25 Years Experience in Unmanned Aerial systems as a test pilot , system engineer and Project Manager.

Precision Landing

Using stereo vision, both structures and moving objects are detected and the system determines whether a landing site is suitable or not for safe landing.

The selected algorithms are platform-agnostic and suitable for both autonomous landing and for real-time landing with man in the loop implementation.

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