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Wonder Robotics and Spright Partner to Achieve Safe and Secure Autonomous Drone Landings

Wonder Robotics and Spright Partnership

Wonder Robotics, a leading technological innovator in commercial drone operations, and Spright, Air Methods’ new drone division, are collaborating to implement market-leading safety innovations using autonomous drone operations and vertical awareness technology. These initiatives will allow Spright drones to fly and land with maximum safety and security, minimizing the risk to people, structures, and infrastructure.

Wonder Robotics’ proprietary “WonderLand” system will be integrated into Spright’s drones, guiding very precise autonomous landings on Spright’s remote delivery stations. This technology will enable the drones to automatically secure a clear landing zone in real-time, improving the precision, reliability, and safety of the operation.

WonderLand will also improve operational safety by allowing entirely autonomous contingency landings in unprepared and unmanned locations, with no operator involvement or oversight.

During vertical descent, WonderLand employs advanced 2D semantic algorithms and 3D geometric analysis to assist safe landings at both planned and unforeseen locales.

Using this technology, a Spright drone will be able to provide life-saving healthcare resources to any area within its flight range.

Spright now has active proof-of-concept initiatives in several cities around the United States. Spright expects to have launched daily drone operations serving healthcare centers in multiple states by the end of 2022.

Wonder Robotics

Wonder Robotics is dedicated to enabling the commercial use of drones on a large scale by enabling safe and autonomous flight. WonderLand, the company’s first product, enables vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones to land securely and entirely autonomously on any unprepared and unattended site, without the need for operator intervention. The firm, based in Israel with headquarters in the United States, was created by global professionals in commercial and military drone, robotics, navigation, and 3D visual applications. Wonder Robotics just concluded its Seed funding round, which was headed by Elron Ventures.


Spright is Air Methods’ drone division, which was founded to assist in the solutions of many of the most difficult problems facing communities across North America. This cutting-edge, drone-based solution is tasked with utilizing developing aviation technology to develop operational solutions that may be deployed locally. Spright is a stand-alone Part 135 Operator based in Gilbert, Arizona, with a leadership team boasting more than 70 years of aviation operational expertise.

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